Use a proven Health Insurance Dials Script.
Are you scheduling at least 1 appointment for every 25 dials? If not, you need our proven call script that provides the structure and guidance to find success in every dial session.
What's in the script?
In a few pages, you’ll find guidance on everything you need to increase your confidence in prospecting, including:
A friendly, professional introduction
Essential fact-finding information
A proven scheduling format
Responses to common objections
Other helpful notes and tips
Why should you download this?
Dials are a tried and true marketing avenue for insurance agents. Any seasoned agent knows that calling leads can be an intimidating experience, especially for new brokers. Many agents and agencies lack clear structure and proper direction when making dials, leading to avoidable mistakes and confusion in the lead's mind.

This proven script was designed with these situations in mind. In only a few pages, you'll find guidance on everything you need to increase your confidence every time you dial. That's just one of the many resources Compass provides to agents to help them sell more.

So what are you waiting for? Start improving your dial sessions today.
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