Save your employers over $3500 a year per employee.

New “family glitch” laws have made subsidized healthcare more accessible for families. Partnering with a Compass individual health broker, you can find new affordable plans for your client’s employees.
What is the Family Glitch?
Where old laws typically denied an employee’s family access to federally-subsidized health plans, new regulations allow qualifying families to get coverage on the marketplace at an affordable rate.
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What are the new regulations?
Before recent changes, a family’s eligibility for subsidized health plans was determined by the affordability of an employer’s individual health plan—regardless of the cost for a family plan.
Regulations were changed for the 2023 Open Enrollment Period to allow more access to federally-subsidized healthcare for families with high-premium employer plans. The new regulations allow an employee’s family to be enrolled in a subsidized marketplace plan when the employer-sponsored family plan costs more than 9.12% of the gross household income.
With many employer family plans costing as much as 20% of the household’s income, your clients may qualify for more affordable options that meet their needs.
Employer Contribution
Employee's Premium
Average monthly costs for employer-sponsored plan
Average monthly costs for federal marketplace plan
Average monthly costs for employer-sponsored plan
Employer Contribution
Employee's Premium
Average monthly costs for a Federal Marketplace plan
Employer Contribution
Employee's Premium
Use the calculator to see how much you can save your clients.
How many employees does your client have?
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Is your client eligible for a subsidized plan?
It only takes a few clicks in the Compass calculator to see if your client qualifies to enroll in a marketplace plan. Access the calculator to save your client hundreds.
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