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Independent Agents
Are you a veteran agent? Or just getting started in the industry? Already working in the industry, but interested in adding another line of business and another stream of income? No matter what situation you are in, we have the resources to help you take your book to the next level. We provide all of the following resources at no cost to you and no commission splits.
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Ready to automate your business?
Stop doing everything alone. Automate your processes to increase your earning potential
Independent agents can leverage the tools we have built to automate their quoting, presentation, and follow up. Quote health, supplements, and life in one seamless presentation. Our platform will quote every available ACA product nationwide! Write more business in less time with our technology solutions.
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Independent agents are often on the hook for all of their own marketing and prospecting. If you stop prospecting, your funnel dries up. Get help with your marketing and create a plan to keep your pipeline full.
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It can be incredibly time-consuming to stay on top of industry trends, new plan availability, and legislation changes. Compass provides all of the training you need to stay current on all industry updates. If you attend our training, you'll be an expert in terms of understanding current events, product changes, and how these things will affect your clients.
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Independent agents often lack the back office support to keep their business running smoothly. Compass provides all of our agents with support in licensing, contracting, commissions, and application underwriting.
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Are you aware of all of the legal checkboxes you need to tick? Insurance is a highly regulated industry. We take the stress off by automating compliance through automated forms gathering.
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