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Agency Owners
We support the agency model and provide the same level of support to agencies that we do individual agents. We help train your agents and allow you to white label our materials with YOUR branding. Scale your agency and take on more sub agents by leveraging our tools and systems.
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Reach your agency's full potential.
Agencies think of Compass as a back office to support your agency brand and model.
Technology Solutions
Leverage our technology solutions so your sub agents can automate their quoting, presentation, and follow up. Quote health, supplements, and life in one seamless presentation. Our platform will quote every available ACA, Medicare, and Life product nationwide! Write more business in less time with our technology solutions.
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Sub Agent Training
Let Compass do the work to train your agents on the industry, products, and efficient technology systems. Your agents have access to all of our Compass trainings, and we can provide on-site trainings specifically for your agency.
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Client Management
Agencies have the option to use the agency view in the CPN. This allows all staff members to have access to client information so no matter who a client talks to, everyone stays up to date with the client’s concerns and progress.
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White Labeling
We can customize everything from our proven presentation to marketing materials so everything aligns with your agency's brand. If you want to brand yourself as a Compass agency, we can take the stress out of branding your agency.
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Commission Support
Customize how your agents' weekly commissions are paid out. Reconciling and paying out commissions is a tedious task. Let Compass take the headache out of paying agents.
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