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30k to Six Figures (as a part-time single mom!)


So, how is it done? Going from 30K to six figures can't be possible, right? Well, only if your name happens to be Jennii. Jennii joined Compass and increased her income from $30K to six figures in 2.5 years!

Before joining Compass, Jennii worked with another insurance agency. She was very frustrated because she only had access to a few products, and they didn’t provide adequate training or support. She realized that the products she was selling weren’t benefiting a majority of the people she talked to. Jennii wanted to be an advisory agent, rather than a transactional one. It was important to her that she could shop around and help her clients find the best fit for their needs.

She decided to start looking for a new agency that could help her truly advise her clients. Her primary goal was to be able to serve her clients at a high level.

At Compass, she found not only the right products, but the technology, training, and support she needed to be a successful agent.

After joining Compass, she was able to build a six-figure book of business, primarily as a single mom. Prior to Compass, the most she’d ever earned in a year was about $30K as a teacher! She now also enjoys a much more flexible schedule with a much higher income than her previous career.

But it’s much easier said than done. Let’s take a look at HOW Jennii did it.

The number one factor in Jennii’s success was her mindset. When she started with Compass, there was a lot going on in her personal life. She had a three-month-old baby, she was in her last semester in grad school, and she was becoming a single mom.

Amid all this - she really NEEDED success. After seeing the many successful Compass agents, she decided there was no reason she couldn’t also be successful. She decided that success was the only option. There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it. She was going to do whatever it took.

One of the main tools that were a game changer for her career, is the Marketing Activities Planner. Jennii had no idea how to market or prospect and find potential clients, but Compass provided a way to create a proven marketing strategy. Using this tool, she picked SEVEN marketing avenues that she was going to utilize. From there, she chose to focus on four of those seven. Compass has data to back up each marketing avenue, so she knew exactly how many marketing hours she needed to ensure she met her income goals.

After creating the marketing plan, the key is diligent execution. She blocked out hours of time to dedicate to marketing and prospecting and she stuck to that plan. She added each marketing block to her calendar and did not deviate. When you have your hours blocked out and on the calendar, it’s much easier to implement the plan.

For her open enrollment plan, it looked a little bit like this: From 5 AM - 8 AM, she worked on grad school. From 9 AM- 7 PM, she marketed herself and talked to clients. She blocked out specific blocks of time for dials, establishing referral partnerships, and going to networking groups.

After that, she would do all the back-end work like submitting applications until 10 or 11 PM. And to make this even more impressive, she was up every few hours of the night feeding her newborn child.

It was a very intense schedule, but she knew that if she just kept to it and put in her work and hours, she would be successful. It’s motivating to know exactly what the outcomes are with each marketing avenue. She knew if she worked x number of hours, this would be the result.

After her first open enrollment, she was Compass's first-year achiever! She now continues to be a top performer and provides her children a comfortable lifestyle. Here at Compass, we LOVE seeing agents change their lives.

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