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From Unemployment to $250,000 as an Insurance Agent


Jamon went from being on unemployment to building up a book of business with over $250,000 annual of residual income.

Jamon’s background is in corporate accounting. After college, he worked his way up to the role of accounting manager for a very large corporation. He had made it in the accounting world. Due to circumstances out of his control, he was laid off.

The pressure was building as his wife was pregnant with their third child, and Jamon was the sole provider for his family. He was left at a crossroads. Recounting that time Jamon says, “I thought, am I going to go back into the corporate grind, find another job, get a paycheck, and always be at risk of losing my job because of someone else’s bad decision?”

That’s when Jamon made the decision to try to build something for himself. He first tried financial planning and life insurance. Building a book of business was taking a long time. During this time, he was on Medicaid and unemployment. 

Jamon first got involved with health insurance because he thought if he could save clients on health insurance, they would invest the savings. He soon realized that health insurance was much easier to do, and started investing more time and energy into this vertical.

He went through his first Open Enrollment trying to figure things out on his own. After that, he got his appointments with a GA who didn’t provide much support at all.

After about a year, Jamon was reached out to by Compass. “I saw an email from saying agents have to have this compliance piece, and that all of their clients have to sign this letter, or they’re not compliant with” he says. “I thought, I’m not doing that! I have no idea how to do that! What is this letter? I was concerned, and my GA wasn’t saying anything about it.”

Recalling his first conversation with Compass, Jamon says, “I get this call from Compass, and I’m thinking ‘well my current GA isn’t doing anything about it.’ So, I sat down with you guys and the first question I asked was, "Hey, here’s this compliance letter. What am I supposed to do? Can you guys help with that?”

The answer was yes. Not only did we handle the compliance letter, but Compass has built out proven systems, and processes that are compliant, as well as weekly compliance training.

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“It was a no-brainer for me to align myself with Compass Insurance Advisors. Since then, with the tools and resources that Compass provides at NO EXTRA COST… It’s not like I was losing out on any of my commission, my business has exploded in the last four years.” says Jamon.

While discussing what he has accomplished and is most proud of in his insurance career, the thing at the top of the list for Jamon is being able to provide for his family. The first few years of being an independent agent came with the constant worry of not being able to make ends meet.

After joining Compass that has not been an issue for Jamon. He says, “We’re making more money than we’ve ever made before. We were able to recently move and upgrade our house to our dream home…. Being able to provide for my family has [given] me a huge sense of accomplishment.”

Jamon has ranked within the Compass top 10 agents for production the last three years. Two years ago, he was #3, and last year ranked #2.

When asked about how he has been able to achieve that he said, “For me it comes down to daily habits.” Jamon reads daily affirmations and makes sure that he enters the day with the right mindset. One thing I’ve learned since leaving the corporate world is that so much of success or failure comes down to what I’m thinking about.”

His keys to success are: making sure he has the proper mindset, setting goals that are reviewed on a regular basis, and building strong networking relationships.

Jamon has joined multiple networking groups, and made it a point to attend on a regular basis. He tries to contribute to the other professionals in his networking groups by helping them grow their businesses. “I don’t ask for referrals from people. I just provide them with value for their businesses…I treat them properly and the referrals come naturally.”

Finally, consistency has led to Jamon’s success. Being consistent with daily habits, goal setting, and prospecting has made all the difference. His business saw massive growth after joining an organization with consistent compliance support, training, marketing support, and technology offerings.

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