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Income is a Side Effect of Serving Clients at a High Level


Michael accountant once told him “you made too much money.” That doesn’t happen often, does it? Making too much money.

It turns out, Michael’s accountant also happens to be his wife, and as he says in the interview - He’ll never forget the look on her face when she said that.

This level of success doesn’t come easy. It also doesn’t come the way you probably expected. So, how did Michael do it?

First and foremost, Michael’s income is a side effect of the quality of service that he provides for his clients. There’s no way he could’ve provided such a high level of service without the help of Compass Insurance’s technology, training, or support. Since he joined Compass, his business has grown dramatically. In fact, it’s to the point where he hired an assistant to help in servicing his clients.

Prior to Compass, Michael worked with a couple “pretty good” insurance agencies. He had been working in the business for about 10 years. His first company was a small business. They had a few different plans he could sell. He could even custom design a plan that would meet someone’s needs and budget. But, he was a newbie. He didn’t know quite what his clients needed yet. So he left that organization and found another one. He worked for them a few years and it was alright - he was able to progress some. It was a really good fit as he was getting training and they had a variety of products to sell.

But then he started talking to Compass. He could just sense that there was something different about Compass. It was something intangible - something you couldn’t feel. While, the technology was great, the support was great, the compliance was great, there was just "something about" Compass that he was drawn to.

After Michael decided to join the team, he realized that that was the best decision he has ever made in terms of his career in insurance. Not only was the technology good, it allowed him to service his clients at an extremely high level. He can quote and prepare plans for his clients based on their true needs. He was given a marketing roadmap to follow in order to find new clients. Using the solutions Compass has given him, he was able to serve more people at a higher level than he ever thought possible.

At this point, Michael’s business is so good, he’s ready to hire an assistant. Michael loves servicing his clients and an assistant is only going to help that. The flexibility and freedom that Compass gives him doesn’t go unappreciated. At Compass, everyone’s values are the same: service first, money second.

In the words of Michael , Compass is playing at a higher level. Come join Compass today and see how your book of business will grow!

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